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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  November 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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sed without antibiotics." that's just a trick to get you to pay more money. fact is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. it's a marketing mr. floppy arms here. though i must say, he is somewhat hypnotic. don't fall for the hype, dale. dale? fresh. delicious. chicken, from sanderson farms. 12 nows at 10 tracking the big picture for you tonight. >> up first, decision 2016. >> breaking news. >> hundreds of protesters gather. >> our vote per panels showing their biggest fears and hopes. >> is it time to move to canada pros and cons.
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sheriff and his go on. >> an arizona officer killed in the line of duty. >> more than 1000 people have showed up. the disgusting things popping occupy than dirty list. >> 12 news at 10 starts right now. breaking news, thousands of frost -- protesters hating streets tonight. condemning the aappointment of donald trump. >> many, many -- anger boiling over. most of the demonstration, until now, have been peaceful. >> let's go temperatures pea where a few proit'sers passed out. a couple of hundred people there marching through the streets. >> and we want to know how the election outcome makes you feel.
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go to voice and let us know if you're feeling upset. are you knew really and happy? we're see the life, interact tiff results throughout the newscast. and now joining us now from the satellite center from more on the demonstrations. >> things are quiet right now. you can see protesters are marching through this pile right here was actually a big fire until about 20 seconds ago. you can see police are now lining up. so thatting likes itest i can lit. and if you take a look down here, this was earlier tonight in tempe where opportunities marched through the streets and through campus. hundreds of asu students venting their frustrations on
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the antitrump protests happening in unison with similar protests that trump tower in new york and various cities across the country. >> we choose to love each other. >> reporter: outside of the white house, demonstrators officers offering a estimate of conclusion. but in houston -- a display of ag. back hear in the value organizer say posted on the even with the outmuch video. it -- their message was to not sit back and not let six take over our country. we have to stand up and tight against the hatred that donald trump is spreading. students making it clear they would stay peaceful. on the opposite side a small had group of tram supporters
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here we are looking at the live feed coming in frommed on oakland. you can see the protesters they were setting something on the mid-of the street. you can see everything tiff there. on social immediate y kids who couldn't make it be tonight. sometime in the near future. -ups of high school students in phoenix staged walk outs today. proest iting the donald trump's win. they marched of the sha. as of right now h arizona still has not been officially called. the county corders office says 115,000 bat lot -- ballot and provisional ballots need to be
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protests carried out of waif. he went in to get one thing and the there's a speech he made was after his victory speech. mr. and he offers an olive branch if he was. meanwhile, hillary clinton president and so did president obama. >> i hope that he will be a successful president for all americans. >> it is no secret that the president elect and i have some pretty significant differences. but remember, eight years ago,
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some provisions. president elect trump is, working with his transition team now. president obama invited him to the white house tomorrow. to again the assistance form of power. this listen the first nominee. and still in lim, be -- linbo and now it looks really doubtful. throughout the election season s we h daily voter panels to get your thoughts on what's beginning on. >> tonight we have reaction from supporters from both candidates less than 4 hours after historic night. live right now with in the news. >> reporter: consistent of the two men and two women. i did justing what a trump
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>> i'm a trump supporter and a heavy con seventive. >> i support donald trump. >> my name is karl ho if ff and i'm a hillary clinton supporter. >> our president he elect is donald trump. first reaction, is what? >> heart broken. sick. devastated. >> i'm estatic. i think this is one of the biggest things that's happen to the wreath united >> i am relieved in a whether the of ways. >> i'm extremely disappointed but i'm not surprised. >> one thing that maybe resinates with you that you think is possibly going to -- kind of why we're here. >> i think the reason between trump won because people believed him more than hillary. >> he did not have to do this. he did this because he cares. >> i just pray for him and i
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wrong. and if i am wherein i will apologize to everyone. he said make america great. and i have not seen it not be great. i have visited other countries and i was happy to get home. to them h making it great again might have a positives a educate. >> my greatest hope is that everyone gets together. over a period of time. >> that's my hope. a country -- united. >> watching him cam pan, going out 16-17 different competitors. he was not bringing people together. i think he elected square and for a, but i think this might be a game for him in two years he might say he doesn't want it anymore. >> with adwith ad you you would you like to see him -- to a
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teacher and i say arizona is the last one in the nation. >> thank you very much. i appreciate you taking a little bit of time. >> the one big take away from the night is our two supporter, clipton is open o for a trump presidency. all four would like to see improve event manies in education and the creation of more jobs. 12 news at 10. >> all right. thanks so much. in about 5 minute, the this on the heels of our imitation website, crash cragging if. and tonight the town of the sholo coming together to mourn the loss of attitude reid. >> reporter: the man suspect odd of his death was tilled in
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gathered by candle light to share memories and hugs as the sholo community mourns the loss of a police officer. >> he was my father's best friend before i was born. i grew up knowing him. he was a really good, kind, soul and just seeing this. it's very hard. he seemed to really love his job. and almost ready to retire. >> we had heard there was an officer shot. it's unprecedented. i mean certainly the worst news in a very long time. the more we learn, the worse it hurt and it was just a terrible day. >> a couple years ago, my older brother was shot and officer reed was the first person on duty to the scene. and he stayed is right by my bore's side the whole time. making sure my brother knew he was going to be okay. assuring him and my whole family that my brother was going to make it.
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no matter what. you can be sending on the street and he would give you the shirt off his back. >> he's been with the department since 2006. a ten year officer. i understand the state of down try and it's sad for us to esoo in law enforcement. and we deal with that every arrangements are being made. a and officer reid leaves behind a wife anded two children. 12 news. antitrump protests all across america. >> is it time to move to canada? the pros and the cons. >> my i will's message. the dmiley message, new one on one with the -- for the new sheriff and his wife. eat at the your own risk.
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popping up. and we are counting down to jimmy. >> hey, guys. will -- >> plus -- we have march, that do not change the channel. it's good. feel happy for him because he's no longer in pain. that's the only thing that gives you a little bit of solace. >> we didn't want any other family to have to tw what we went to. retried contacting him and he never, ever responded. i said, i think we have a
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we continue to follow breaking news of demonstration
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tonight. in seattle, hundreds mash muched through downtown and -- marched and students walked out of two different high schools there. and in chicago, a so l cad emergency protest. now has grown to 10,000 people tonight. others are taking place right now in california, philadelphia, and right here in arizona. right now the #seeking canada. canadians are traying to spoke fun at us. >> many people upset with the outcome and are threatening to head north. ben shows us the pros and cons. ? [ music ] ?? >> reporter: oh, canada. so many americans are tempted to cross the bodder after this election. with more people googles the
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be the taxes. >> when i left quebac was paying 50% totally. and that deny then -- and then there's high sales texas on certain items. like cigarettes. sick and half bucks. canada, over $9. for all of those taxes, you do get he >> everybody has some kind of so you can go to the hospital and not have to pay anything. >> however accident it's common to wait four months to see a specialist. >> and at schools in canada are a little better. >> if you have children, it's wonderful. if you don't have the children, it's a lot of extra tax you're paying. which is not being used.
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you're going trade in our nice, sunny days. >> and lots of and lots of snow. well, one of the biggest election results of the night here in was pindzo, e. his second them and asked them what was next. and what has made team panzona success. >> i heard initially the numbers i was up. but i been the hear another statement in they actual called the race. >> the attack ad will continue to run on tv. >> democratic opponent -- >> there's new sheriff in town. [ cheering and applause ] >> can you just kind of walks
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>> from perspective. and the environment itself was a little bit overwhelming. i didn't get a chance to enjoy the moment i was in. we went concern i don't want to know the numbers until it's decisioned. >> when you're running for sheriff, especially a place like here, how does this die name and age -- >> it's not just you but all different aspects. >> behind great man, there's an even better woman. what do you think of that? in this case? >> is it 100 accurate. and i will tell you that i have -- on second thought, third, fourth, fifth hospital thoughts and doing this. you have to finish what you started. not because i was for the reason. >> , you know, it's like the
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distance. you went the distance the first time and then rocky 2 he wins. what would you like to say, paul, to those who supported sheriff arpiyo and still support him. do you have a message for them. >> i just want to earn their trust and succession. so getting the opportunity to earn aer why trust and confidence and show a very strong when it. cos i'm not the type to go in there and ruffle -- my intent is to evaluate and do what's best for the organization and community. the first 10 days isn't about the organization it's about learning the organization of the people. i couldn't help thinking, what a daunting tasks it to
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what might have happened if had gone the other way? >> we did talk about that. and what paul said to me, had always tried to run a campaign with integrity and saved had if i lost, i wanted to be a loser with integrity. i think for them; that was munged. 24 years is a very long time, but i think they're both ready for that task. fresh start. changes are different but sometimes thanks. >> thank. s. is your favorite restaurant on the dirty list? they are 48 million food born illness. for those of us who have had food poisoning, we know how awful at a grocery start with eat. >> team 10 digs through more restaurant and expect files. and this week, we're finding slime at the several locations. cook chicken.
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bring and green didder d eat at the your own risk. tomorrow. and we're counting down to jimmy with just 14 minutes to go. his guest stars tonight. asu head coach todd starter tomorrow night. and coop, welcomes just one of the many starters frustrate sun devils. expected to run home tomorrow night for the final home gait of year. >> yeah. no doubt about it. and some are walking wounded. and yes, their final meeting is tonight. no doubt, there will be a lot of emotion flowing before, duringen, and after the game.
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place todd graham's heart. >> it's personal to me and being a patriot and honoring the chance for snow is before you go to bed. count your blessings to be able to do this. and you blessed you are to be able to what we do. because someone else paid the price and i don't think we spend enough time thinking about that. once a year, enough. i try to work hard, to teach our players and teach my kids, just how important it is to respect the price that's been paid for us to do that. get to be in a country. there's no other country in the world that you can do. blood pressure. and asu and kick off tomorrow night. >> let's take a live look right
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temperature right now 80 is the cool 70 degrees right now. those winds have been really gusty all afternoon. but finally tonight, they're starting to settle down. we're seeing most of the winds in the single digits and 60s across the much of the valley. right now we're at 67 degrees up in deer valley. you're probably -- 66 on luke air force base. and the juncti so this morning was a let by warming for us. this would make it the warmest morning [ laughter ] by mid- dump. >> an area of -- going to keep things breezy and're also going to it see our high temperatures above out. although it's temperature in
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and then close to 80 edegrees for the rest of us. keep it in the low 80s through the weekend and temperatures rising a little bit into the mid-80s. >> thanks. well, don't forget to let us know how you're feeling. we have a lot interring a poll going on right now. you can see the emojia the at bottom of jr. screen. thousand they just don't fit the mood that people are but a lot of feel are happy about it. but a happy emoji, jon. happy, nature. or upset. just grab your phone/and let us know how you feel. >> did you ever think you would say emo yes, and election in the same sentence. >> i don't know if those capture what people are feeling. >> maybe they do.
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>> that happy -- emoji looks really happy. yeah. we'll be right back. 12 sports is sponsored by your
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the phoenix suns lost a tough, close game back in florida.
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for game tonight against the pistons. and give up to the point guard. a triple digit tonight in. but so when authority last night. another big effort tonight, he's my mvp of the night. suns my back to back against a rested pittsburgh team. showed a lot of hard and effort. the 107 to 100. what do >> i like to see the sons are one -- winning. politics have changed overtime. clearly. but this election has been a brutal. >> urging friends to unfriend then physical they voted the wrong we and celebrities of course getting into the act. the >> that's right.
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cyrus,ive nobody she's trump supporter. >> i believe her. she says she loves her county. that's all she's ever done. given her identify. but donald trump so io chronically play -- ironically. happy if we adjust, accept everyone who they are. and to tim donald trump, suspect you and that earth for earth. but i suspect you as the president of the united states. >> he is went onto say she still thinks clinton deceives to be the first feel president. in just 6 minutes, eddie ro, many, a, initiation in sixth minutes. right after 1 news at 10.
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boy, a lot of emojis out there tonight. 1500 of you voted in our poll to talk about how you felt after the election last night. overwhelmingly winner 55% was eoji.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --


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